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Gift Cards

Looking for that something special but not quite sure what to get? Give a Truh gift card and let the parents choose the outfits they like best.

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For Baby Showers & Newborns

Going for an element of surprise? We recommend compiling your very own starter package with a mix of different items in different sizes.

Not quite sure what the parents might want (or need)? Don't hesitate to ring them up and ask what clothing and accessories are still on their wish list.

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For 1st Birthdays

The transformation into toddler-hood is one of our favourite coming of age celebrations. Make his or her first birthday truly memorable with our top picks for first birthdays.

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Just Because

Not every gift needs to be tied to a specific occasion—take a look at some of our most loveable finds, and surprise your friends, colleagues or family members with something special out of the blue.

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Select the Right Size

Selecting the right size can be tricky, especially if a baby hasn't even been born yet. But don't worry, our size guide's got you covered.

When in doubt, always opt for the bigger size as babies will grow into everything eventually.

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Gift Wrapping

In the spirit of sustainability, we've designed gift bags that also serve as handy pouches for new parents. They make for excellent diaper bags, sandbox toy carriers or anything else, really.

Organic Cotton Gift Bag

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