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Sustainability, awareness, integrity, respect and transparency form the core of our business. We embody these values in everything from our materials and dyes to our production facilities and packaging.

Our Materials

Organic Textiles

Organic Cotton Baby Clothing

Our clothing meets some of the highest ecological and social criteria on the planet. 

100% Azo-Free, Non-Toxic Dyes

Baby Trousers on Hangers

All our dyes are suitable for sensitive baby skin. You will never find any harmful chemicals in our eco-friendly textile dyes.

Our Production

Organic Baby Fashion Production

Our manufacturing partner is located in Tamil Nadu, India. As an industry pioneer and one of the world's leading sustainable fashion producers, the company has specialised in organic textiles since the early 2000s. Thanks to our collaborative and trusted relationship, we are able to trace every item from the point of production to its final destination.

We are deeply committed to ensuring fair working conditions for all. This includes living wages, occupational health and safety measures, as well as capacity building and apprenticeship programmes.

Certified SA8000 Standards

Indian children holding leaves

By following this holistic framework, we demonstrate our dedication to the fair treatment of our workers. We cultivate a culture of continuous improvement and facilitate worker engagement to maximise their wellbeing.

Our Operations

We continuously challenge ourselves and our partners to do better. With every decision, we ask ourselves: is this the best we can do for the planet?

Production in Batches

Garment Factory Workers in Truh's Production Facility

We foster sustainability in all areas of our production processes by radically rethinking fashion supply chains and adopting a data-driven approach. We constantly adapt our production volumes to mirror demand in order to minimise our inventory and avoid waste.


Compostable Clothing Packaging

We want to reduce our footprint as much as possible - so we are using earth-friendly, plastic-free packaging on all our products. It is biodegradable and can easily be composted in your garden or through your compost garbage. For our delivery bags we are still testing different materials - so far we have not found the right combination of eco-friendliness and durability, so please bear with us while we do. We make it a point to refrain from using any excessive add-ons or unnecessary packaging. 


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